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Book Reviews

Greetings to scholars of US Intellectual History,

We will begin posting book reviews, focusing on titles in US Intellectual History. Obviously, this will be a big project! The “field” encompasses several full wings of the academy, and many specialties within them. The books we most want to review are being written by philosophers, literary critics, students of American Studies, theology, social sciences, education theorists, and a broad range of scholarly historian. Some of the specialties within history include the history of science, literature, technical innovation, jurisprudence, art history, educational history, history of philosophy. The binding ingredients here are the terms “U.S.,” “scholarly,” and “Intellectual.” The time period under review stretches from about 1600 until yesterday afternoon.

Your book review editors are soliciting unpublished, short reviews (1,000 to about 2,000 words). If you would like to volunteer to review books for US Intellectual History, please see the instructions on the book reviews link below.

The book review editors are also asking scholarly presses, publicists, and authors to participate in this very cost effective program! The only expense for the press, publicist, and author is the exam copy of the book. Please see the book review link for more information.

Here is the link to the book review pages. Please let us have the benefit of your critique, ideas, comments, and especially, your unpublished book reviews!

All the best,

Joe Petrulionis, “a” book review editor.