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Call for Proposals: AHA panel on 20th century U.S. intellectual history

I am looking to put together a panel on 20th century U.S. intellectual history to propose to the American Historical Association for its next annual meeting, which is to be held from January 3-6, 2008 in Washington, DC. The conference theme is “Uneven Developments.”

The category of 20th century U.S. intellectual history is admittedly rather broad. At this stage, however, I prefer inclusiveness to specificity, and plan to come up with a more unifying concept and descriptive title for the panel after receiving submissions.

My own paper will consider John Rawls’s 1971 work of political theory, A Theory of Justice. Generally treated by philosophers as a work of unanticipated genius, the context of intellectual history allows us to see that the work shares much in common with the ideas in circulation in other fields (such as history, economics and sociology) during the period generally characterized as the Cold War “liberal consensus.”

Anyone interested in submitting should please send a CV and a short description (no more than one page) of the proposed paper, both in MS Word format, to me (Mike O’Connor) at [email protected]. Anyone who might be interested in moderating or chairing such a panel is encouraged to get in touch with me as well. Please send all material by February 7, 2007.