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CFP – Interdisciplinarity at the Border: Creating, Thinking and Living New Knowledge

29th Annual Association for Integrative Studies Conference
September 27 – 30, 2007
Tempe, Arizona

Interdisciplinarity at the Border: Creating, Thinking and Living New Knowledge

We are all at the border, a place and time where knowledge is created, thought, and lived through interdisciplinary processes. In this call for proposals we challenge participants to engage in interconnected movements of creation, thought, and life by imagining new knowledge that would change the ways we understand the many worlds in which we live.

In the context of the field of integrative study and practice, we welcome proposals for papers, panels, workshops, roundtables, and posters that address issues such as the following:

Creating New Knowledge: theorizing interdisciplinarity; integrating knowledge; questioning the assumptions of disciplines; critiquing the boundaries between the arts, sciences, social sciences and humanities; translating the languages of disciplines and interdisciplinarity; engaging in transdisciplinary thinking;

Thinking New Knowledge: teaching; engaging interdisciplinarity in terms of the affective, ethical, cultural, and physical; facilitating new knowledge through creative program and institutional planning, assessment and entrepreneurial initiatives; reimagining institutions of higher learning; learning how to think and live at the border; exploring the effects of technology on knowledge and knowledge transference; re-centering the student in education;

Living New Knowledge: integrating the academy and the community; activating learners through experience and service; globalizing knowledge by studying abroad; engaging students in their civic and social worlds.

Proposal Deadline: March 19, 2007

Submit a proposal here.