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Dictionary Of Early American Philosophers: Call For Articles

This was announced today via H-Ideas:

The editors of the Dictionary of Early American Philosophers, a multi-volume biographical reference work planned to compliment the Dictionary of Modern American Philosophers (2005), are now assigning articles.

One section will include entries for physicians and psychologists. As the editor of this section, I would be pleased to receive your requests for assignments. The due dates will all be in 2008. Short articles (up to 1000 words) pay $30, medium articles (1000-2500 words) pay $50, and long articles (over 2500 words) pay $100.

Because this is a work about philosophers, some analysis of the philosophical content of each biographee’s writing will be necessary. Each article should focus on the philosophical theorizing of these physicians, rather than just their interesting medical speculations.

The full list of biographees for this section is:

(L) Bartlett, Elisha, 1804-1855, Physician in Massachusetts, Kentucky, New York City. Published “Essay on the Philosophy of Medical Science” (1844)
(L) Beach, Wooster, 1794-1868, Physician in New York, founder of eclectic medicine, wrote The American Practice of Medicine (1833).
(L) Beck, Theodric Romeyn, 1791-1855, Prof. Medicine and Medical Jurisprudence at the College of Physicians and Surgeons at Fairfield NY (1815-40), Albany Medical College in NY (1840-54). Wrote “Elements of Medical Jurisprudence” (1823).
(L) Brigham, Amariah, 1798-1849, Physician and early psychiatrist.
(L) Flint, Austin , 1812-1866, Physician in New York, wrote Treatise on the Principles and Practice of Medicine (1866).
(L) Hosack, David, 1769-1835, Prof. Botany and Material Medical at Columbia College in NYC (1795-1811), Prof. Theory and Practice of Physic at College of Physicians and Surgeons in NYC (1811-26). ASSIGNED
(L) Meigs, Charles Delucena, 1792-1869, Prof. Obstetrics and Diseases of Women at Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia (1841-61).
(L) Ray, Isaac, 1807-1881, Psychiatrist in Maine. Wrote “A Treatise on the Medical Jurisprudence of Insanity” (1838).
(L) Rush, Benjamin, 1746-1813, Revolutionary, Physician, Prof. Chemistry at College of Philadelphia (1769-91), Professor of Medical Theory and Clinical Practice at Univ. Pennsylvania (1791-1813)
(M) Conover, Samuel Forman, 1766?-1824, Physician in New Jersey. Wrote “An inaugural dissertation on sleep and dreams. Their effects on the faculties of the mind, and the causes of dreams” (1791).
(M) Dana, Alexander Hamilton, 1807-1887, Wrote “Ethical and physiological inquiries” (1862)
(M) Grimes, James Stanley, 1807-1903, Lawyer and physician in Boston, New York, and Illinois. Among first American evolutionists.
(M) Hodge, Hugh Lenox, 1796-1873, Prof. Obstetrics at University of Pennsylvania (1835-63). Early opponent of medical abortion.
(M) Knowlton, Charles, 1800-1850, Physician in Massachusetts, first American advocate of contraception and early materialist.
(M) Parrish, Joseph, 1779-1840, Physician in Philadelphia. Wrote “Inaugural Dissertation on the Influence of the Passions upon the Body” (1805).
(M) Smith, John Augustine, 1782-1865, President and Prof. Moral Philosophy at College of William and Mary (1814-25), Prof. Anatomy, Surgery, and Physiology at College of Physicians and Surgeons in New York (1825-31), President of College of Physicians and Surgeons (1831-43). ASSIGNED
(M) Stearns, John, 1770-1848, Physician in New York. Wrote “The Influence of the mind upon the body in the production and cure of diseases” (1820).
(M) Storer, David Humphreys, 1804-1891, Prof. Obstetrics and Medical Jurisprudence (1854-68) and Dean (1855-64) of Harvard Medical School. Early opponent of medical abortion.
(M) Sweetser, William, 1797-1875, Prof. Medicine at University of Vermont (1825-32), Bowdoin College (1845-61). Wrote “Mental Hygiene” (1843).
(M) Ticknor, Caleb, 1804-1840, Physician in New York. Wrote “A Popular Treatise on Medical Philosophy” (1838).
(M) Wyman, Rufus, 1778-1842, Wrote “A discourse on mental philosophy as connected with mental disease” (1830) ASSIGNED
(S) Batchelder, John Putnam, 1784-1868, Physician in New England.
(S) Buchanan, Joseph Rodes, 1814-1899, American scientist, Faculty Dean and Professor in the Eclectic Medical Institute, in Covington, Kentucky. ASSIGNED
(S) Crawford, John, 1746-1813, Physician in Maryland.
(S) Dean, Amos, 1803-1868, Prof. Medical Jurisprudence at Albany (NY) Medical College (1838-58).
(S) Dickson, Samuel Henry, 1798-1872, Prof. Medicine at Medical College of South Carolina (1833-47, 1850-58), Prof. Medicine at Jefferson Medical College of Philadelphia (1858-72).
(S) Gibbons, William, 1781-1845, Physician in Philadelphia.
(S) Jackson, Samuel, 1787-1872, Prof. Medicine at University of Pennsylvania (1835-63).
(S) Mackall, Louis, 1801-1876, Physician, author of several works on psychological and scientific topics.
(S) Paine, Martyn, 1794-1877, Prof. Medicine at University of the City of New York (later New York University) (1841-77). ASSIGNED
(S) Raue, Charles Gottlieb, 1820-1896, Physician and psychologist in Philadelphia
(S) Rush, James, 1786-1869, Physician, psychologist in Philadelphia.
(S) Vanderburgh, Federal, 1788-1868, Physician in Connecticut, a founder of homeopathy. ASSIGNED

If any of these interest you, please let me know.

Eric v.d. Luft, Ph.D., M.L.S., [email protected]