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Roundtable on Hartman’s Education and the Cold War (Part I): Introduction by Tim Lacy

Earlier this year one of our own, Andrew Hartman, happily announced the completion of his first book, Education and the Cold War (Palgrave Macmillan). Shortly thereafter I commissioned a review by Milton Gaither of Messiah College. Professor Gaither ably outlined the book and offered his praise and criticism.

For a standard journal a single review would normally suffice. As Andrew’s colleagues and friends, however, we wanted to do a bit more. Both I and former USIH contributor Joe Petrulionis, having (finally!) read the book and sharing an itch for a broader discussion, therefore bring you this first USIH Roundtable on Andrew’s Education and the Cold War.

As USIH’s book review editor, I hope this signals the beginning of more Roundtables to come. Although a weblog’s “comments” function always enables a kind of Roundtable, sometimes it is necessary to more formally present the views of more than one person. It’s too easy to pass over the discussion portion of a weblog post: time presses, and there is no guarantee that a post’s comments will be substantial (although that’s not normally a problem at USIH—many comments here are easily worthy of separate posts).

Without further ado, I present to you this four-part Roundtable. You’ve completed the Introduction, and what follows are two reviews—one by Petrulionis and the other by me—and Andrew’s various replies (including responses to Gaither’s review). Let’s make an effort to centralize all comments after Andrew’s reply.

Enjoy! – TL