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Myth and Symbol of American Individualism in the NYT

In case anyone missed it, today’s NYT has a great article on the myth and contradictions of American individualism centered on the Great West.   Definitely worth reading.  –DS

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  1. David,

    Anyone who has read both a solid first-year college survey text (i.e. Faragher et al’s Out of Many) and, per the article, Perlstein’s book on Goldwater will understand the first 3/4 the piece perfectly. That portion is Patricia Limerick 101—but in a good way. To me, the last 1/4 on Palin and Alaska is the most informative.

    Still, it’s good to tie history to the present. Were I teaching a pre or post-CW survey this term, this article would be required reading.

    – TL

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