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new Susan Jacoby book

I see that Susan Jacoby’s forthcoming book bears the modest title of Alger Hiss and the Battle for History. No doubt she’ll definitively put that controversy to bed the same way she dispatched American anti-intellectualism once-and-for-all in The Age of American Unreason.

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  1. Yes, the breezy “battle for history” subtitle comes off as a bit, um, ambitious. It sounds like a solid topic and approach, however, from the description. The devil will be in the execution—no pun intended. – TL

  2. I am quite sure I know the thesis already, based on how her previous work raises the vital center from the dead: both communists and reactionaries, racketeers all, deserved one another. And anyone who disagrees is a dupe. Very sophisticated stuff.

  3. And much like vital center apologists, she tends to make these non-points in a very aggressive, inflammatory way. I’ve noticed how the full-page ads simultaneously emphasize her lack of an ideological viewpoint and the explosive nature of her analysis, while failing to note the content of her conclusions.


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