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Symposium Announcement: "AFTER FREUD LEFT: Centennial Reflections on His 1909 Visit to the United States."

Here’s what looks to be an excellent symposium that underscores the connections between USIH and the history of medicine. It also demonstrates the undeniable usefulness of transnational endeavors to USIH. Thanks for John Burnham for bringing this to my attention. – TL


“AFTER FREUD LEFT: Centennial Reflections on His 1909 Visit to the United States.”

An international symposium, October 3-4, at the New York Academy of Medicine.

Leading scholars in the history of psychoanalysis and American intellectual history will reflect on what happened to Sigmund Freud’s ideas in the United States in the century after he left New York following his only visit to the New World, a visit that became an iconic event in American history.

The symposium will last all day Saturday, and Sunday until noon, and will be free and open to the public. More details, including instructions for registration and for reserving a luncheon on Saturday, will be available in the coming months at www.nyam.org, then click on events, then conferences. Or contact the outside coordinator, John Burnham, at Ohio State University, [email protected]

The eight main speakers will be:

Ernst Falzeder, Universität Innsbruck and Philemon Foundation
Elizabeth Lunbeck, Vanderbilt University
George Makari, Weill Medical College of Cornell University
Louis Menand, Harvard University
Dorothy Ross, Johns Hopkins University
Sonu Shamdasani, Wellcome History of Medicine Unit, University College, London
Richard Skues, London Metropolitan University
Hale Usak, Universität Innsbruck

Invited commentators include:

Jean-Christophe Agnew, Yale University
James Anderson, Northwestern University
Raymond Fancher, York University
James Gilbert, University of Maryland