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2009 USIH conference CFP: U.S. Capitalism

I am soliciting paper proposals for a panel on U.S. capitalism for this year’s U.S. intellectual history conference, to be held in New York City on November 12 and 13.

For the panel, I am interested in any aspect of the intellectual history of capitalism in the United States, in the broad spirit, perhaps, of the 2006 anthology American Capitalism, edited by Nelson Lichtenstein. Though I hope to be able to focus the panel a bit more after receiving submissions, for now I am interested in anything that might broadly relate to the category, in any time period: biographical portraits, textual analyses, social criticism, business histories, etc. My own paper will be an analysis of Henry Wallace’s New Deal-era concept of “progressive capitalism” and its relationship with the goal of full employment.

Anyone interested in participating should send to me ([email protected]) by May 1 a one-page paper proposal and a one-page CV, both in MS Word format. Anyone who would be interested in moderating the panel should also send a one-page CV, again by May 1.

Thanks very much.


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  1. I’m a grad student in intellectual history, working on the religious history of capitalism in the 20th century United States. I’d be on a panel with you! Email me at jgiord2 at illinois dot edu (had to write it out so I don’t get spam) .

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