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A Registration Note For USIH Conference Attendees (Non-panelists)

Conference registration consists of paying a $35 fee—which goes entirely towards catering (drinks, snacks, labor of caterers). Make your payment (check or money order) payable to “The Graduate Center Foundation” and send it to:

The Center for the Humanities
c/o Michael Washburn, Assistant Director
The Graduate Center
City University of New York
365 Fifth Avenue
Room 5103
New York, NY 10016

If you have questions about payment please contact Michael Washburn at or 212-817-2007.

PS: Per Lauren’s comment below, panelists should pay too. But they were already told this in their invitation-acceptance e-mails. – TL

– TL

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  1. Lauren (& Colleagues),

    Panelists should pay too. But I assumed they remembered this from their invitation e-mails. I put up this post due to recent inquiries from potential attendees.

    – Tim

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