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Christopher Lasch: Critic of Liberalism, Historian of Its Discontents

I would like to announce the publication of my essay, “Christopher Lasch: Critic of Liberalism, Historian of Its Discontents,” in the journal Rethinking History — in a special dedicated to the topic of “Politics and History.” The reason for announcing this here is that this essay is literally the product of the U.S. Intellectual History blog and conference. When the Call for Papers was first issued, I threw out some ideas for a paper here, and then again here. I then presented a version of this paper at the first U.S. Intellectual History Conference in Grand Rapids last year, where Jennifer Ratner-Rosenhagen and others gave me great feedback. Thanks to all. AH

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  1. Congrats! My favorite way to conceptualize a blog’s usefulness is as an article laboratory. You never know where a little blog post will take you. – TL

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