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Just finished listening to the NY Times Book Review Podcast for June 18, 2010 and would like to suggest someone with more info than I post a discussion about the cover review of Christopher Hitchens’ memoir, “Hitch 22,” a play on words that evokes what he says is his philosophical point of view. He has an interesting comment about being an Anglo-American–what that identity contains, and the way that he perceives class in this country.

Another bit on the podcast is a commentary on the evolution of gaming into an art form. As someone who did let go of games as something I aged out of (a trend that the reviewer says does not characterize my generation, who take their x-boxes along with them to college) I wonder what you all, who may have more direct knowledge, think about gaming. How will future intellectual historians use them as a source? What do new games tell us about their players?

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  1. Lauren,

    In relation to Hitch 22, here’s a book review and blog post about his own review by Michael Washburn, our esteemed and thoughtful administrative contact at The Graduate Center’s Center for the Humanities. As a teaser, I will relay that I LOVE the picture of Hitchens and Martin Amis at the review. There’s nothing like Tab and Jim Beam for lubricating good conversation about big ideas.

    – Tim

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