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Call for Contributors: Feminist Thought

Just saw this on H-Net and thought there might be someone in the USIH sphere that would be interested:

Hello All,

This is a last-minute call for contributors to a forthcoming two-volume
reference work on the global History of Feminist Thought, to be published by
ABC-CLIO. I am in need of contributors who can write up 1500-word entries
on specific individuals/documents. Approximately 1/2 of the entry is made
up of excerpts from the related primary source document - the remainder of
the brief entry provides biographical and historical context and analysis,
to follow a format predetermined by the press.

In most cases, I have some bibliographic information compiled, but I am
looking for specialists or people with at least enough familiarity to write
about the following:

1. "The Woman's Labour," Mary Collier (England, 1739)

2. History of Woman, or addresses, Callirhoe Parren (Greece, 1890s)

3. The Sultana's Dream, Rokeya Sakhawat Hossain (Bengal, 1905)

4. "Women's Letters," Bertha Lutz (Brazil, 1918)

5. "Social Conditions among Bantu Women and Girls," Charlotte Manye Maxeke
(south Africa, 1930)

6. My Mission in Life (or other writings), Eva Peron (Argentina, 1953)

7. "Our Path to Emancipation," Fatima Ahmed Ibrahim (Sudan, 1962)

I will provide sample entries and the press will provide a small honorarium
of $50 per entry. Entries must be received BY AUGUST 27th or they cannot be
included in the volume!

Sorry for the short notice. Please forward to interested colleagues, grad
students, writers, scholars.

Tiffany K. Wayne, PhD, project editor