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New Posting Schedule for the USIH Blog

On the heels of another successful USIH Conference, we’ve decided to try to increase the quantity and regularity of posts on this blog. Five of us have committed to posting at least once a week, which means that from now on, there will be new content on this blog every weekday.

Nothing else will change about the USIH Blog: our roster of bloggers remains unchanged and will continue to post as regularly (or irregularly) as they like. But starting next week, our small exclusive readership can expect more content.

Here’s the new schedule of regular posters:

Monday: Ben Alpers
Tuesday: David Sehat
Wednesday: Ray Haberski
Thursday: Tim Lacy
Friday: Andrew Hartman

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  1. First off, great conference I really enjoyed every session I attended. Taking that energy and putting it into the blog is also a great idea – I look forward to the posting schedule.

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