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Recorded Talks from the 2010 USIH Conference

Below are links to three talks given at the 2010 USIH conference. The links will send you to google docs where mp3s of the talks are stored. We recorded only 3 talks from this year’s conference, but they are good ones.

James T. Kloppenberg, “Reading Obama: Dreams, Hope, and the American Political Tradition,” Keynote Address to the 2010 USIH conference, October 22.

Adolph Reed, Jr., Kenneth W. Warren, Dean E. Robinson, “Renewing Black Intellectual History,” Plenary, 2010 USIH conference, October 21.

Panel: Religion, Isolationism, and American Foreign P0licy
Chair: Leo Ribuffo, George Washington University
Angela Lahr, Westminster College, “Church, State, and War: Evangelicals, Politics, and the Vietnam War”
Christopher McKnight Nichols, University of Pennsylvania, “Opposition to Empire and Isolationist Ideas in the United States, 1895-1910”
Matthew Avery Sutton, Washington State University, “Bracing for Armageddon: The Global Visions of World War II Era Evangelicalism”

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