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Happy Happy, Merry Merry

Given that, over the next few days, it is unlikely anyone will be in the mood for reading one of my more serious posts about capitalism, neoliberalism, conservatism, postmodernism, or the culture wars, today’s Friday post is my attempt at brevity, and levity. It’s a joke (see below). But first, I highly recommend that you check out Nemo’s response to my post from last week, on Neoliberalism and the Spirit of the 60s, at the smart little blog, PhD Octopus. Expect my longish reply to Nemo next week.

If anyone is in the mood for more serious reading, contrary to my expectations, check out all of the great USIH posts by my colleagues this week.

Read Ben’s Monday reflections on the end of the excellent historical blog, Edge of the American West.

Check out David’s smart Tuesday post on whether or not he thinks evangelicals are on the verge of fracture.

Read Ray’s excellent Wednesday post on how US actions abroad during the 90s lacked moral or national clarity.

And finally, check out Tim’s provocative Thursday piece on liberalism, an explicit call for a debate.

Now for the joke, which I am stealing from a recent London Review of Books letter to the editor, and which resonates with the season:

Q: What do you call Santa’s little helpers?

A: Subordinate clauses.