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Family Reunion OR next week’s OAH in Houston

I just started perusing the schedule for next week’s OAH (my first!) and saw that there is going to be a “State of the Field: Intellectual History” with panelists Charles Capper, Nicole Eustace, Jeffrey Sklansky, Joan Rubin, and James Kloppenberg. It is scheduled for the Friday 10:15-11:45am time slot. I have an appointment at 10:30 that day, so I’m not sure if I’ll make it to that panel, but I was thinking it would be good for whoever is there to have an informal USIH lunch afterwards. Just keep it in mind.

Also, use the comments for any OAH-newbie advice. How is it like other conferences? How is it not?

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  1. Lauren: I always enjoy the OAH and wish I could be there this year. I’ll have to wait until next year in Milwaukee. There’s usually a huge offering of compelling panels, like the AHA, but none of the pressure of the job market, unlike the AHA. Last year was good for intellectual history panels, all of which were packed. This year looks particularly good for intellectual history, likely because Hollinger is president. I think you’ll especially like the OAH because there are typically tons of Af-Am-related panels.

    I would love to be present for the state of USIH field panel you mention. If you or any of our other regular bloggers are unable to attend, we should “commission” a guest blog post. In lieu of being able to attend, I would like to read a detailed report.

  2. Yeah, it’s pretty much a smaller version of the AHA, but without all the job stuff and a smaller (and less interesting) book exhibit.

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