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Cabinet Shuffle

Earlier this week, David Sehat announced that he would be stepping aside as a regular blogger here at USIH.  We’ve all greatly valued his contributions to this blog and are very sorry to see him go (though we look forward to his continuing to appear in our comment threads).  Thanks for a great run, David!

As a result of David’s departure, the regular USIH roster will be changing.

Andrew Hartman, who had been posting on Fridays, will be moving to David’s old slot on Tuesdays.

Lauren Kientz Anderson, who has been a frequent, but irregular, contributor to this blog will become a regular poster, taking over from Andrew on Fridays.  Welcome aboard, Lauren!

So the new line up of regular bloggers will be:

Monday:  Ben Alpers
Tuesday: Andrew Hartman
Wednesday:  Ray Haberski
Thursdays:  Tim Lacy
Friday: Lauren Kientz Anderson

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