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Colleagues: It’s been awhile since we’ve advertised this, but we do have a Facebook group. Please consider joining. It’s an alternate way to communicate with USIH regulars (posters and commentators), and the blogging team distributes select links there as a convenience. – TL

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  1. Well, it turns out that the group is scheduled to be “archived” (i.e. shut down) by Facebook since it was made in the old group format. We’ll need to restart the group anyway. I’m going to suggest to Ray Haberski (S-USIH’s Secretary) that he recreate the group as the S-USIH Facebook page.

    Keep watching this space (well not this space, but the USIH blog) for a future post asking all of you who joined our old FB group to join our new one!

  2. Actually, if we start using the page a bit more, we should receive an upgrade option from FB. If you follow the “learn more” link at the top of the group’s page, you see the following message:

    “If your old group has enough recent activity to make it a good candidate for a new group, you will see a message at the top of the group with the option to upgrade. Members of the group will see the option to ask the admin to upgrade. If you are an admin, click “Upgrade This Group” to upgrade to the new groups format. Note that it may take a few minutes or more before the content from your group is converted to the new format.” – TL

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