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Conference Week is Upon Us!

As most readers of this blog know, this Thursday and Friday the Fourth Annual U.S. Intellectual History Conference will be taking place at CUNY Graduate Center in New York.*

For the first time, however, this blog is not the sponsor of the conference. Instead, the conference is being run by our new parent organization, the Society for U.S. Intellectual History (S-USIH).  The Society grew out of the success of this blog and the earlier conferences.  The decision to form it was announced at the last conference.  And this year’s conference is, among other things, a sort of coming-out party for S-USIH. 

That being said, for the moment at least, there’s still a lot of overlap between the USIH bloggers and the S-USIH Conference Committee, Executive Committee, and leadership.  Ray Haberski and I both serve on this year’s Conference Committee.  Ray is also the Secretary of S-USIH. I’m the Publications Chair.  Andrew Hartman is the President of S-USIH.  And both Tim Lacy and Lauren Kientz Anderson serve on S-USIH committees.  Many of us will also be taking part in panels at the Conference.

Although I cannot speak for my fellow bloggers, I suspect that our various Conference and S-USIH responsibilities may make things a little quiet on this blog for a few days.  But if the past is any indication, expect the Conference itself to generate a ton of grist for the USIH Blog mill in coming weeks!

I hope to see many of you in New York later this week!
* More information about the conference schedule can be found here.  If you’re in the area, we hope you consider attending even if you are not taking part (registration costs $60, which is cheap as these things go).

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