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As one of the founders of the U.S. Intellectual History blog, I announce with some sadness my resignation as a writer on the site.

This blog went live on January 25, 2007, and my first two posts were both on January 31 of that year. In the intervening period I served as an active blogger for some time. Nearly five years later, however, I am no longer a regular USIH contributor, and cannot claim to have been one in quite a while. Though I very much enjoy having this outlet for my thoughts, in the upcoming year I will be prioritizing other projects: finishing my book, trying to land a permanent academic position, and building up the administrative infrastructure at the Society for U.S. Intellectual History, where I serve as treasurer and, until a few days ago, chaired the committee that put together the recent conference. Additionally, it is my opinion that the blog deserves to be staffed by regular writers who are strongly committed to establishing a voice for the site. The continued presence of those who have a long history with the blog but post on it only rarely, might make it difficult for S-USIH Publications Committee Chair Ben Alpers to enforce such high but appropriate standards.

This blog has brought together a large and dynamic group of scholars. It allowed for the founding of the annual conference, which in turn prompted the creation of the Society for U.S. Intellectual History. For me personally, it has allowed for the development of a writing style that I can employ, when appropriate, as an alternative to traditional academic prose. More importantly, it has introduced me to a continually expanding circle of mentors, colleagues and friends.  Founding and writing for USIH has had a greater impact on my own post-graduate academic experience than has any other development. I will sincerely miss not only posting here, but being a member of this group.

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  1. Dang it, Mike! I was just logging on to post another comment on your book review thanking you for putting up a blogpost on a weekend.

    Your priorities sound sensible, but your posts will be missed.

  2. Your posts, will be missed, Mike! You know, of course, that if the spirit ever moves you, we’d all be happy to have you write guest posts as often as you’d like!

  3. As a regular reader of this blog, I am sorry to see you go, Mike. But it sounds as though you must. I also want to congratulate you on an absoltuely terrific conference!

    I must admit, however, to being a bit perplexed by your notion that the blog should only be “staffed by regular writers” and the idea that “those who have a long history with the blog but post on it only rarely” should not be allowed to do so in the future. (If this is a misreading, then mea culpa.) I myself have never posted on this blog, but I would certainly like to at some point without having to commit to being a regular contributor. (I have my own professional goals I must meet.) I would like to think that this is a relatively open space that can allow for both regular contributions as well as more occasional ones.

  4. Anne: Ben Alpers, as the current publications chair, along with the publications committee, which currently includes Tim Lacy, is responsible for blog policy. As of now our policy is that a regular contributor can post a contribution from a guest at his or her discretion. So any time you wish to post something, by all means send it to me or another regular. Thanks for reading!

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