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S-USIH Executive Committee Annual Meeting

November 17, 2011
9:00-10:30 a.m.
CUNY Graduate Center, C197

Agenda, by Andrew Hartman, S-USIH President

1. Introduction of meeting by S-USIH Secretary Ray Haberski (9:00-9:05)

2. Update by S-USIH President Andrew Hartman (9:05-9:10)

a. Recognition of Constitution Committee
b. Budget
c. Affiliation

3. Update by S-USIH Treasurer Mike O’Connor (9:10-9:20)

4. Update by S-USIH Secretary Ray Haberski (9:20-9:30)

a. Constitutional Amendment Vote
b. Website
c. Elections

5. Update on Publications Committee by Chair Ben Alpers (9:30-9:40)

a. Newsletter
b. Journal

6. Update on 2012 Conference by Chair David Sehat (9:40-9:45)

7. Report by Membership Committee (ad hoc): James Levy, Lauren Kientz Anderson, Paul Murphy (9:45-9:55)

8. Report by Graduate Student Committee (ad hoc): David Weinfeld, Julian Nemeth (9:55-10:05)

9. Proposals

a. Book Award (Ben Alpers and Mike O’Connor) (10:05-10:15)
b. Keynote honorarium (Mike O’Connor) (10:15-10:20)

10. Comments, requests and petitions from the members (stipulated in by-laws) (10:20-10:30)

11. Adjourn (10:30)

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  1. I updated this post to reflect a few minor tweaks to the agenda. The reports by the treasurer and the graduate student committee will be given 10 minutes apiece instead of 5. I cut the proposal to discuss a sliding scale for membership fees since the by-laws stipulate the $40 fee will remain in effect for at least 3 years. Cheers.

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