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Zizek: Always Ask the Right Questions!

Highly recommended viewing: Charlie Rose’s recent interview of Slavoj Zizek.

The two points of the interview I liked the most:

1) When Zizek says the role of the philosopher is to ask the right questions.

2) Zizek’s bemusement at Rose’s characterization of the Arab Spring as non-ideological. This was precisely the ideological move that Zizek unmasked in his classic 1988 book The Sublime Object of Ideology (still my favorite Zizek).

2 Thoughts on this Post

  1. I haven’t had a chance to watch this interview yet (though I will), but in my opinion just about any Charlie Rose interview that’s “highly recommended viewing” necessarily involves the interviewee getting bemused (or worse) at Charlie Rose.

  2. I saw this interview. It was great. Even Charlie Rose couldn’t ruin it, Ben! But seriously, I was intrigued by the things Zizek had to say about Stalin. – TL

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