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No Quarks for Us

Stephen M. Walt has announced the three winners in the annual 3 Quarks Daily Politics and Social Science blogging prize. Unfortunately, USIH’s entry among the finalists, Andrew’s terrific post “When the Zulus Produce a Tolstoy We Will Read Him”: Charles Taylor and the Politics of Recognition was not among the winners.  And a very impressive bunch of winners it is:
1.  Top Quark, $1000: Kenan Malik, Rethinking the Idea of “Christian Europe”
2.  Strange Quark, $300: David Graeber, On the Invention of Money
3.  Charm Quark, $200: Corey Robin, Revolutionaries of the Right: The Deep Roots of Conservative Radicalism

Congratulations to Malik, Graeber, and Robin!  And congratulations again to Andrew for making it into their company.

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