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S-USIH Executive Committee Meeting Agenda

Prepared by Andrew Hartman

January 13, 2012, 11:00 a.m. (EST), via teleconference

1. Reports from ExComm Officers

A. Andrew Hartman, President
B. Mike O’Connor, Treasurer
C. Ray Haberski, Secretary
D. Ben Alpers, Publications
E. David Sehat, Conference

2. Proposal: Keynote honorarium ($250): Discuss and vote.

3. Proposal: Book prize—discuss/vote on whether to form an ad hoc committee to implement a book prize.

4. Discuss/vote to approve revised budget (as prepared by Treasurer, Mike O’Connor).

5. Proposal: Nominating committee—discuss/vote on whether to form an ad hoc committee to seek out nominations for this year’s S-USIH elections.

6. Proposal: Working Group on Gender and Women in Intellectual History, as proposed by Lillian Barger. Discuss/vote on whether to form an ad hoc committee—or else proceed differently.

7. Diversity survey: the membership committee would like to survey existing membership on how they would like Society to proceed in terms of diversity. How to proceed?

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  1. Love the nominating committee idea. The vetting process is crucial. We must find dedicated candidates who understand our peculiar situation as an evolving start-up. – TL

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