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Post-THATCamp USIH Gathering: An Invitation


Several USIH folks are presenting, or at least attending, THATCamp-AHA tomorrow (and the AHA meeting after). Ben Alpers has proposed a USIH-related THATCamp session involving all regular USIH bloggers. Do check out the link with his proposal.

But I’m here today to invite you to a post-THATCamp USIH gathering—dinner, drinks, and socializing at the Billy Goat Tavern. We’ll be there around 6:30 pm. We’ve selected the original location: Near Tribune Towers and Wrigley Building, 430 N. Michigan Ave at Lower Level. If you’re unfamiliar with the Billy Goat Tavern, check out this and this (around 0:25 for Belushi).

If there’s a problem with the Billy Goat, our first alternate location is Rock Bottom Brewery.

FYI: There is also a post-THATCamp Happy Hour organized by Amanda French at the D4 Irish Pub & Café (345 Ohio St. ). They’re meeting 6:15 pm-ish.

On second thought, maybe that should be our alternate? – TL

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  1. We need to decide right now, rather than dither, since the gathering is tomorrow night and not everyone invited is attending THATCamp. I agree with Tim that I would like to meet LD, so I propose we stick with the Billy Goat. Second?

  2. Since I’m the semi-official organizer, and there is significant desire stick with the original plan, how about a compromise:

    Let’s go to the Billy Goat Tavern as planned. If the vibe changes and people (some, all, a few) feel like switching venues, we can make on the spot call about going to D4. …So there you are. – TL

  3. Oh man. Meeting me is *way* overrated. Seriously. But it will be nice to speak to any and all of you in person — and I expect the same would be true of the folks at the THATCamp gathering. So you in the USIH cohort/contingent can decide how you want to do the mixer — separate from THATCamp or not. And I will be grateful for the opportunity to meet you, wherever you are. Maybe you all should work it out in an email and then post the time and venue. Saying “this is what we’ll do, but we could also do this” is confusing to this poor soul.

    Say where you are going to be, and when, and for pity’s sake stick to whatever plan you come up with. You will see me there.

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