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Rest In Peace: Peter Novick (1934-2012)

I just learned this morning that Peter Novick passed on February 17. May he rest in peace. Here is an obituary from University of Chicago News. Please add other obituaries in the comments. – TL

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  1. I’ve hesitated to comment on Peter Novick’s demise because my only contact with the man was a brief correspondence back in 1990 about That Noble Dream; but a man as thoughtful as Novick deserves a tribute, even if it comes from an unlikely source. In a short review, I had praised That Nobel Dream more as a serious meditation about the state of things in the late 80s than a theoretical contribution to historiography and Novick didn’t like that. I’m inclined to believe, however, that it is precisely the people who think about the here and now who produce the works of lasting worth.

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