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David Sehat’s Book Wins Turner Award

Our hearty congratulations go to David Sehat, whose book The Myth of American Religious Freedom has been honored with the 2012 Frederick Jackson Turner Award.

Last spring the USIH blog hosted a roundtable about David’s book, with contributions from Daniel K. Williams, Andrew Hartman, Raymond J. Haberski, and Christopher Hickman.

A former blogger for USIH, David currently serves as the Chairman of the S-USIH 2012 Conference Committee.  Please come to New York this November and offer him your congratulations in person.

We are delighted that David’s work has been honored with this prestigious award.

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  1. Congrats to David! I noticed that his book is different in scope (all of US history) and content (USIH) from many of the recent winners of the F.J. Turner prize. – TL

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