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Hey USIH Tweets. Check out the cool new Twitter feed that LD set up (to the right of your screen). The first tracks the usual #USIH hastag. The other tracks the new #USIH12 hashtag for the upcoming conference. Since we’re on the topic. Who do you think all intellectual historians should follow on Twitter? List their handles in the comments section. Here are just a few people who I find essential following:


And you can follow me if you’re so inclined at  @HartmanAndrew

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  1. Besides those you listed, here are a few of my favorites:

    David Armitage @DavidRArmitage
    Katrina Gulliver @katrinagulliver
    Bryan Waterman @_waterman
    Joseph Adelman @jmadelman
    Edward Blum @edwardjblum
    Paul Harvey @pharvey61
    Tom Cutterham @tomc759
    Kenneth Owen @kenneth_owen
    Christopher Jones @ccjones13

    And, just for fun:

    Kim Kierkegaardashian @kimkierkegaard

    And I’m @BenjaminEPark

  2. I use twitter mostly for news sites, politicians, and institutions like the Smithsonian and other museums. Here is a non-representative randomly selected list.

    ? @daveweigel (he is a prolific tweeter)
    @dceiver (really one of my favs)
    @aiww (almost exclusively tweets in Chinese)

    I have found it almost too easy to follow people on twitter (I currently follow over 100). But I noticed an interesting phenomenon when I decided to follow some republican politicians to see what type of information they disseminate. But after following them I started to get requests to be followed by conservatives/libertarians bloggers and tweeters. The same thing has not true of democratic/liberal politicians.

    But I’m interested as to what, if anything, members use twitter for. Do you use it for news/information gathering? Or to promote your writings? Or is it simply entertainment?

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