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Après Conference

Dear S-USIH peoples:

I have attended each and every one of the annual U.S. Intellectual History Conferences, since our humble beginnings four years ago in Grand Rapids. It’s the highlight of my academic calendar. I am incredibly excited for this year’s event next week (barring a weather apocalypse!) Part of what keeps me coming back year after year are the informal, post-conference conversations over beers. I invite you to join us, the S-USIH regulars, for beers and discussion on both Thursday and Friday nights after the plenary sessions. 

As in year’s past, we will convene at Brendan’s Bar and Grill, just around the corner from the CUNY Graduate Center (42 west 35th Street, between 5th and 6th Avenues). It’s convenient, usually not too crowded, and a nice atmosphere. See you there! 

Cheers. Andrew

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  1. I can confirm Andrew’s assertion that this is (these are, rather) a highlight of the conference. Hence, it will be a great loss for me this year! 🙁

  2. The best conference of any year! I am looking forward to hearing some great papers and round-tables, as well as catching up with everyone.

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