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…and We’re Back!

Welcome to our new digs!  Take a look around and see what you think. The U.S. Intellectual History Blog is always a work in progress (that’s the nature of a blog), but it’s particularly so when we’ve gone through a major transition like this, in design and platform.  So please tell us what you like…and what you don’t like.  We can’t promise to make all the changes you suggest, but we’re happy to listen. Please use the comments to this post as an open-thread on blog design issues.

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  1. Thanks Tim and the rest of our readers for being patient. We will continue to improve and look forward to more good exchanges on the blog.

  2. The new site looks great!
    But…sigh… always the but…no comments thread in the right column nor any indication of comments on any posting on the front page of the blog. Also the dates on Tim’s and Ray’s comments appear to be several hours ahead maybe they’re on Greenwich Mean Time.

  3. I can’t read the blog: everything appears dark and unreadable save the bright blue highlighting of dates and “this entry was posted in”…. I recently had to purchase a new computer and have updated software so any suggestions as to what the problem is? Please reply via my e-mail address as I can’t see anything on the blog. Thanks, Patrick

  4. Ok, apparently it is typing in text (I wrote the above comment) in the name and email section. Unfortunately it doesn’t show up on my screen. Not a big problem I guess since I can read my comment as I type. That said, I am sorry that I came across this interesting blog so late, but I am wondering if comments can be made to blog posts that were posted before the move over? I was hoping to make some comments (belated as they may be!) to the post on the Christian Origins of the American Century. I work on 20th century Catholic political thought and read some interesting comments and points that are relevant to what I do.

  5. Hello everyone, thanks for your comments and input about the site. I believe we have corrected the IE problem (Quirks mode issue) of not showing the white background, and the Firefox issue of the Comments text disappearing. thanks for your patience as we fix all the issues!

  6. Good to see the blog back up, but I agree with the anonymous comment above: having to click through the post to see if there are any comments lessens the functionality and ease of use. Can I be the first to say, in the great tradition of reactionaries and enemies of progress everywhere, “I liked the old blog better!”

  7. Hi Dan, I added the functionality of a custom comment counter bubble and linked it directly to the comment area of each single blog post. Thanks for the feedback!

  8. Hello Curtis, you seem to be the go to guy on the technical side so I’ll address this question to you. I’ve been trying to control copy particular phrase lines from the text of posts and am failing miserably. I can do it on comments but not posts, can this be remedied? This may begin to sound like a familiar trope but …wait for it….I could do it on the old blog. Thanks for your efforts.

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