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We’re Moving!

The U.S. Intellectual History Blog is moving!

We’re doing so for two reasons.
First, our current software, Blogger, is simply not all that it should be.  The most common problems that readers of this blog encounter involve comments, which cannot be edited and which some users have difficulty even posting.  But in a variety of other ways as well, WordPress is the superior platform.
Secondly, for a little over a year-and-a-half we have been the official blog of the Society for U.S. Intellectual History (though institutional historians should always remember that the blog birthed the society rather than the other way around 😉 ).  We’ve been wanting to make that relationship more clear by integrating this blog into the Society’s web presence.
We’re finally ready to do both those things now.

I’ll have more on this move once it is finished. For the moment, however, a few moving-related notes:
No new posts will be going up on the blog between noon EST today, January 11, and early Monday morning, January 14. We ought to return to our regular posting schedule on Monday at our new location, but if things seem a bit quiet until then, don’t be surprised.  It’s also very possible that any comments made on the blog during this this transition time won’t make the move and will effectively be lost. If you have something to say about a post that’s already up, you might want to hold your fire till the move is done on Monday morning.
Once the move is made, I’ll put up a post, both here and at our new location, confirming that it’s happened. That post will include our new web addresses. You’ll always be able to find us via this URL, however (we’ll have a clear link to our new address at this site).
Though we hope that this migration will happen smoothly, unforeseen problems may, of course, occur.  Please excuse such glitches….and see you on the other side!

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