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“Values in History” Conference

On Saturday, March 9, I had the pleasure and privilege of attending an extraordinary event at Rice University: “Values in History”: A conference honoring Thomas Haskell. Hosted by the History Department at Rice, this one-day symposium featured an extraordinary gathering of preeminent scholars and historians, including several giants in the land of U.S. Intellectual History, including the guest of honor, Thomas Haskell himself.  Presenters included Thomas Bender, James Kloppenberg, Rosalind Rosenberg, Wilfred McClay, and Michael Johnson, to name but a few.


Pictured, L to R: Jim Good, Kersten Biehn, James Kloppenberg, Matthew Mancini, Thomas Bender, Rosalind Rosenberg, Thomas Haskell, Richard Teichgraeber, Wilfred McClay, George Forgie, Sanderson Levinson (click photo to enlarge)

I will write more about this conference in my Saturday post, but I mention it now to let our readers know that the S-USIH blog will be publishing some of the papers presented at the conference.   These will be occasional pieces that we will run as the authors send them to us.  Several presenters spoke of their current work in progress and would prefer to revise or rework their papers before submitting them.  We hope to be able to bring several of these fine and engaging scholarly meditations to our readers.

In that connection, I am pleased to announce that Prof. Rosalind Rosenberg of Barnard College has graciously consented to allowing us to publish a revised version of her very engaging paper, “‘Rights Talk’ Revisited: Incidents in the Life of Pauli Murray.”  Her work will appear on this blog on Wednesday, March 20.

The Publications Committee of S-USIH is grateful for the opportunity to showcase the fine scholarship and collegial cross-dialogue of this truly remarkable event honoring a truly remarkable intellectual historian.

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