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Corey Robin on Nietzsche and the Austrian School of Economics

I should have a more substantial post up later today, but, in the meantime, readers of this blog will be interested in checking out “Nietzsche’s Marginal Children,” a long piece by friend-of-the-blog Corey Robin on Friedrich Nietzsche’s influence oh Friedrich Hayek and the other economists of the Austrian school.  Corey has also posted about the article at Crooked Timber (where’s a discussion of it is underway). And he’s provided links to some online criticisms of it, from both right and left.  (I’ve been trying to scare up a guest post (or posts) on Corey’s essay from some of the scholars in the S-USIH orbit who work on neoliberal economics or Nietzsche, but I haven’t found any takers yet.)

One Thought on this Post

  1. we see a glimpse of Nietzsche von Hayek and Mises von Nietzsche, the Leopold and Loeb of modern libertarianism.

    Unfortunately, Corey*, you didn’t seem to bring this home to anyone’s satisfaction, but, hey man, it sings.
    *Of course Corey is reading this; he plays internet stage mother to everything he writes. 😉

    Still, I think there’s truth in here–it’s just more poetic than literal. Once Nietzsche was in the air, it couldn’t be eradicated, only masked. Like passed gas at Mass.

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