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From Elisabeth Lasch-Quinn

Last spring I received one of the loveliest invitations I had ever received in my professional life when I was asked by those at USIH if I would like to become a regular weekly blogger here. It was an intriguing idea, though I hardly knew what the word blog meant at the time. I had followed USIH, though, and loved what I had seen.

Now that I have rounded out a year of blogging here, I must turn more of my time and energy to other commitments and thus find it increasingly challenging to serve in the capacity of regular blogger. It has been an honor and privilege–and a lot of fun–working side by side with some passionate and deeply thoughtful people, writers and readers alike (often one and the same). I remain delighted by the rise of USIH and enchanted by the kindred spirits I have found here. As a devotée of this venture and the field of intellectual history more broadly, I look forward to remaining closely connected with USIH, including as occasional guest blogger, and feel ongoing gratitude for the rich experience of our engagement together toward common interests and shared ideals.

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  1. Elisabeth: Thanks for giving a slice of this past year—of your valuable time—to the blog. This has been a better (virtual) space with you here, and the Society is a better one for your involvement. I’m sorry to see you leaving the blog, but I very much hope that you stay in touch with other S-USIH doings and attend as many conferences as you can. Finally, good luck with your other projects! Most sincerely, Tim

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