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Please Welcome Kurt Newman to the USIH Blog

Tomorrow, Kurt Newman will be joining us as our newest regular blogger.  Readers of this blog will be familiar with Kurt, who recently completed an extended guest-blogging gig here.  Kurt Newman is a Ph.D candidate in History at UC Santa Barbara. He is working on a dissertation entitled “The Multiplication of Everything: Cultural Workers, the Law, and Pragmatist Thought in the Golden Age of Analog,” and a project on the history of popular music in the US South since the 1960s. He is a founding co-editor, with James Livingston, of Politics/Letters, a new quarterly journal and web zine. As an intellectual historian, Kurt is most interested in the question of what it might mean to properly frame the relation between the production of new knowledge and the history of capitalism. In his contributions here, Kurt will try to work the “Theory beat,” with an eye to what might be most useful to students an practitioners of US intellectual history.

Please join me in welcoming Kurt to the blog as a regular blogger!

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