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S-USIH Elections 2014

The call has gone out for candidates for S-USIH officers, who if elected will serve from June 1, 2014 to May 31, 2015. We encourage members who are interested to self-nominate by contacting the secretary, Ray Haberski at [email protected]

The offices open during this election are listed below and descriptions of these offices can be found in the society’s constitution:




Chair of Publications Committee

Chair, Conference 2016

Chair, Conference 2017


1.     All S-USIH members are eligible to run for the offices listed in the organization’s constitution

2.     Members who wish to run for office will be encouraged to self-nominate.

3.     If a member is nominated by another member, nominators are encouraged to consult the nominee before making the nomination.  The S-USIH secretary will confirm those nominations made by a second party.

4.     The nomination process will open on March 28 and close May 2.

5.     Candidates will not be notified who they are running against until the nomination period closes

6.     The secretary will send out two reminders regarding the nominating process

7.     The secretary will make the ballot public on May 5.

8.. Candidates will be encouraged to submit brief statements to the secretary, no more than 200-250 words, explaining their professional service and vision for S-USIH.  These statements can include links to other pages with information on thecandidates (such as personal and professional webpages)

9. The secretary will post these statements to the organization’s website

10.  Official voting will open May 5  and close May 9

11. The voting will be done electronically (more information to follow)

12. Elections results will be posted to the organization’s website by May 15

13. New office holders will take their positions on June 1