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Henry F. May Graduate Student Fund

MayThe Society for U.S. Intellectual History is pleased to announce the creation of the Henry F. May Graduate Student Fund. To honor the legacy of Henry May, the Society for U.S. Intellectual History commits to assisting graduate students who seek to participate in activities sponsored by the society, and to the development of the next generation of American intellectual historians.   This fund will initially be used to supplement funds needed for travel to and participation in the society’s annual conference. The society is also happy to announce that the first donation to this fund has been made by David Hollinger, the Preston Hotchkis Professor Emeritus at the University of California, Berkeley.   Henry May was Professor Hollinger’s mentor and it is therefore altogether fitting that the foundational contribution comes from Professor Hollinger.

Henry F. May (1915-2012) was a distinguished historian of American thought, and has been credited with revitalizing the field of U.S. intellectual history and advancing the productive relationship between intellectual and cultural history in the mid-twentieth century. May’s life and career as an intellectual and cultural historian has served as a model for the many students he trained and the many more who have read and admired his work. May was Margaret Byrne Professor of History at the University of California at Berkeley, where he taught from 1952 until his retirement in 1980. He was the author of five books, including The End of American Innocence: A Study of the First Years of Our Own Time, 1912-1917 (1959) and The Enlightenment in America (1976), the latter of which won the Merle Curti Award of the Organization of American Historians for best book in American intellectual history. His interests were broad and non-period specific and exemplified a concern for the significance of ideas in history.

The society has decided to make this project its top fundraising priority and as a 501 3© non-profit organization can accept donations that are tax deductible. The intention is to raise funds that will be immediately available to graduate students. The treasurer of the society will be responsible for accounting for this fund and the president of the society will coordinate the vetting of applications and allocation of the fund. Applications will be available through the society’s website and by contacting the secretary of the society. The deadline for applications will be posted on the society’s website.

To donate to the Henry F. May Graduate Student Fund please click HERE.