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Call for Syllabi: Intellectual History Courses

As many of you are aware, back issues of the old Intellectual History Newsletter have been digitized and are available to read through the good work of Ray Haberski, Thomas Bender, and Charles Capper. Looking back through some of those back issues, I noticed that one frequent feature was the inclusion of syllabi of intellectual history courses and related subjects, including a course in “Feminist Theory: Historians’ Perspectives” by Linda Kerber and one on “Culture Wars and American Democracy” by Charles Capper and Robert Ferguson.[1]

It occurred to me that repeating this practice on the blog might be both a nice service for many of us who are or will be putting together similar syllabi as well as open up some conversations about what is being assigned, what works well when it is assigned, and so forth.

So, please, if you have a syllabus of a course you have taught that you would be willing to share with us, email me at [email protected]. Anything related to or overlapping with U.S. intellectual history is very much desired—our interests here, after all, are pretty catholic!

[1] These syllabi ran in Volumes 14-20 (1992-1998).