FORUM for 2016 Annual Conference Panels

Please use this page to collaborate on creating COMPLETE PANELS for the 2016 conference.

The committee is especially eager to ensure ethnic, gender and institutional diversity at the conference. We welcome the participation of graduate students, independent scholars, and all faculty ranks.

Proposals may be for traditional paper sessions, roundtable format with audience comment, workshop/seminar-style discussions, “author meets critics” events, retrospectives on significant works or thinkers, or other formats that encourage the exchange of ideas.

Panels which take up our theme of “tools and traditions” in American intellectual history are encouraged, as are panels engaging the following topics, periods and methods:

  • Gender as a Tool of Analysis
  • Feminist Thought
  • Latino/Borderlands
  • Religion
  • Technology
  • Early America
  • Nineteenth Century America
  • History of Capitalism