James Livingston

livingstonjamesJames Livingston is a professor of history at Rutgers, a writer who cuts across fields, topics, and mediums, and someone who has become integral to the profile of S-USIH.  Livingston is the author of five books, including most recently, Against Thrift and The World Turned Inside Out.  He happily enters debates about everything from the movie Lincoln to the recent economic disaster and the response to it by Occupy Wall Street.

world turned inside outAmong the reasons many of us enjoy Livingston’s work, is that he maintains a lively and sharply intelligent blog, Politics and Letters. With many ‘followers’ and a willingness to engage readers and commenters while refusing to suffer fools lightly, Livingston consistently pushes readers to contend with his positions and to rethink their own.

livingston_lg_business_deskLivingston is quite frankly one of the most interesting people to read, or in some cases, listen to, regarding our collective economic basket case.  His arguments regarding OWS and the role consumerism plays in American life are among the topics he has recently discussed in various media appearances.