S-USIH ExCom Minutes 9.18.2014

S-USIH ExCom Minutes, 9.18.2014

S-USIH ExCom conference call

Dan Wickberg (President), Ray Haberski (Secretary), Kevin Schultz (Treasurer), Tim Lacy (Chair of Publications Committee), Andrew Hartman (2015 Conference Chair), Cara Burnidge (2014 Conference co-chair), Mark Edwards (2014 Conference co-chair)

2014 Conference update

  1. Graduate school travel funding—19 grad student, ~$1800—more than the Henry May Fund has in it.
  1. Membership-Conference registration: 47 registered, not sure how many memberships are generated
  1. Literature for the conference—badges and program
  1. Conference registration at the conference—lists include membership and registration at the conference table

Not going to raise registration fee for lateness of registration

  1. Should society invest in credit card device for phone? Yes, probably a good idea. We will have a table with wifi at the conference to check people in and pay for fees
  1. Coordinating with book award committee to be set with the format of the session.
  1. Discussion of plenaries and keynote introductions
  1. One book exhibit from LSS on site, one ad from Cambridge
  1. 200 program run, try to wait for week before conference; also need the newsletter printed off—need to run conference program by ExCom before printed

need to add room names and ads

  1. Senior scholar-junior scholar lunch

Treasurer Report:

  1. $20,168 total in account
  2. PayPal = $5,406
  3. Conference registration fees is half of what it needs to be
  4. LSS did pay $300 for the book exhibit
  5. Not sure about Palgrave McMillian
  6. Membership fees—have not paid for membership with the conference registration

Need to send out reminder to renew membership

  1. Membership system: we have trouble monitoring the membership

Membership management software that the society can buy

Wild Apricot is a membership management system

Fees based on size of org. 200 members $25/mo; 500 members $50/mo

Membership would go to the Wild Apricot site and this site would be able to send out reminders

Manage the conference registration

Money goes into our PayPal account

This service covers what we need for a price that we can afford

Would like to enter into the 30-day trial

Questions: why this particular site?

Seems the most basic and specific type of system for this society’s needs

How does membership information get saved, protected?

They take email addresses but send payment to PayPal

Web based application and can register multiple people to access the data

We are all agreed that Kevin needs to investigate this service ASAP

  1. Presenting budget at the business meeting at the annual conference, based on last year’s activities and incorporating new needs, and future plans

Lisa created budget for this year, including the conference, so Kevin will update it and send it Dan so he can present it to the members

10:00am, Cara needed to leave

10:00am Tim entered

Secretary’s report:

  1. Membership system most important issue
  1. Set up meeting between Dan and Marianne by phone and at the conference
  1. Briefed on forging a relationship with the IAT especially in regard to website maintenance


  1. Newsletter: Matt Linton and Bryan McCalister-Grande are the editors, have solicited requests for their reports

Need to ask about printing off the newsletter at IUPUI

Starts as digital so we can send it out to the membership and then print off 200 copies at the conference

  1. Book review editorships
  1. Survey of membership on the journal question—Andy Seal and Gregory Jones- are on this

The survey will only address the journal question.

  1. Graduate school guide to the study US intellectual history

Kevin: we need to create the clearinghouse for general study of US intellectual history

Dan: we need to develop a place to cultivate the next generation of officers and US intellectual historians

Dan: concluded meeting at 10:28.