S-USIH Executive Committee Meeting Minutes, 10.1.2013

S-USIH ExCom Meeting October 1, 2013

Present: Dan Wickberg, President; Cara Burnidge, Co-Chair 2014 conference; Allison Perlman, Chair 2013 conference; Lisa Szefel, treasurer; Mark Edwards, Co-Chair 2014 conference; Michele Rosen, publications chair

2013 Conference Update—Allison

Things look good, and ordering food is all that is left.

Staff in history dept has been great help

Rooms confirmed

Cannot provide a book display and book seller because of the restrictions of the UC-Irvine policies

Keep in mind the amount of space needed to display the books

The CUNY model does not work outside of the arrangement with CUNY

Different needs to organize the conference

Amend the constitution to allocate a division of labor to organize the conference

We need a much better system of capturing information about those people registering for the conference

We need everything through paypal

Conference shuttles at 7:45 and 8:15 in the morning.

Some hassle trying to provide transportation for participants to and from hotel and campus

Will provide a guide to Irvine, UC campus, food, internet, etc. as a pdf.

8:30-9:30 on first morning for the annual meeting

Agenda for the annual meeting

Ray explained how the annual reports by officers have been presented in the past

Set aside time for questions, comments, and requests from the floor

Lisa has proposed a change to the by-laws that will make the treasurer part of the conference committee

Lisa will send the statement for the proposed change to the by-laws

–Mark Edwards had to leave at 12:30—

Lisa: treasury is looking good.  We have increased our funds about $5000

Spending about $11,000 on the conference

Have $14,000 to spend on the conference

Allison: $11,000 budget, but would like to spend a bit more on the conference to get better food.

Lisa: we would like to make a bit of money on the conference and we would like to continue this.  We would like to avoid chargers such as shuttles in the future.

Dan: we’d like a 10% cushion to prevent overages and to be prepared for emergencies.

Ray’s proposal of Institute of American Thought at IUPUI

No objection to working with IAT on at least one grant application

Dan asked about the digitization of the IHNL and the need for clarity on the relationship.

–Allison left the discussion at 12:50—

–Michele Rosen joined the discussion at 12:45—

Dan: Denver in March 2014 the Society for the Advancement of American Philosophy will host a S-USIH panel at their meeting

Kenneth Stickers, their president, will be at our annual meeting in November

Cara and Mark will want to participate in a conversation about this collaboration

Cara agreed that this would a be a good move

Need to focus the panel on relationship between intellectual history and philosophy

Need to get a panel together, so send Dan suggestions regarding this possibility

Theme is the Boundaries of American Philosophy

Book Award Committee

Dan needs to put this together and hoped to chat to people about this for next year.

Could we have last year’s winner serve on the committee for the next year

Other suggestions: George Cotkin, Joan Rubin, Charles Capper

Michele Rosen and publications

Newsletter is moving forward quickly.

Tim Lacy will help with the content for this year’s newsletter

Last year there were five items: letters from conf chair, present and future; president’s column; member news; book prize

Eight pages total last year with three pages with an interview with D. Hollinger

Tim suggested pieces from all the ExCom member reports

People moderating panels can write up something about their panels

Coordinate with Allison about the number of copies we could provide of the newsletter

How shall we go about changing the website

Improve communications on how we work with the website and divide labor according to interest and abilities.

We will wait until after the annual conference to make changes to the system of revisions.

Cara Burnidge and the 2014 conference

Ray, Mark, and Cara will hold a conference call regarding the planning

Need to be careful with November because of other conferences

Cara asked the committee about the themes addressed by the conference

Proposal: the Materiality of Ideas

Dan: what keynotes and plenaries?

Katie Lofton as keynote

Plenaries: material culture

Site: Indy, and probably in one of the downtown hotels

Lisa: come up with preliminary budget for the conference—NEED TO DO THIS SOON

Dan: Get date and place nailed down soon, as well

Maybe we could get this info into the newsletter

Lisa: assembling panel for Public Intellectual History conference at Harvard.  Larry Friedman’s group has wanted to collaborate with us

Lisa: we need to discuss collaborating with public historians group in Washington DC

Ex: we could pull-off a panel on which Diane Ravitch, Andrew Hartman, and Arnie Duncan could discuss education policy.

Meeting ended at 1:25