S-USIH Minutes 1.25.2013

S-USIH Conference Call Meeting, January 25, 2013–Minutes

Present: Lisa, Paul, Allison, and Ray

Larry Friedman calling at 3:15


Conference from the Society for the Advancement of Philosophy

March 7-9: Jennifer R-R book featured

Book award update

22 books

May 1 due date for the award

three finalists

month later announce the winner

or designate certain book as outstanding

so either 3 finalists and winner

Formal journal idea, Paul is looking to create a new committee


Budget healthy

Conf. $5000 in memberships

Speak to Friedman about ways to increase the budget

Reimbursement policy

Paying for the website, still needs to invoice

Non-profit status

Looking for grants?  Planning grants?

Paul: a planning session would be great.

Expense on the website and monthly

Ray on Website

Lisa will publicize HNN and RIAH

Allison will publicize on some listserv

Ray will write something up for H-Ideas

Ray covered who will take care of different areas


Conf committee reconfigured and Chris Nichols will replace Andrew on the committee

Draft of CFP done

Nervous about the CA location so she hopes to build in ways to make it easy for folks

Hollinger invited to give keynote address

Five panels from last year want to go again this coming year

Both panels and individual papers will be accepted

Still trying to get the Nixon library on board

Theme: Geographies of Ideas

Plenary sessions from last year?

Plenary participation will probably be local because we are not paying for stuff

We should start planning conference locations for a longer period

How do we plan with a small budget and with the elections that we determine the location?

Paul: agenda item, we need to hold our annual business meeting

Without the conference we lost this particular ability

So we need to create an annual meeting

We need to recruit new officers

Should we appeal to more senior historians to become officers?

Perhaps not so necessary considering how well this society has gone thus far.

Need to find people who can devote time to this endeavor

Should we extend the terms of the officers so to learn the job and then develop the ideas?

Could we consider an advisory board for the society?

What kind of assets should the next group of officers bring to the society?

Should we have longer terms, staggered terms, more time to roll out ideas?

Paul: Lisa what is Larry Friedman thinks about our group?

Lisa: very interested in helping younger scholars, international scholars, senior people; fundraising; joint conference, seminars

Paul: investigation into the journal; Andrew pitched to MIT a 20th Politics journal; Lora pitched a journal idea to another press and heard it runs $12,000 a year for a four issue journal

How did the Intellectual Newsletter work and do we need a journal?

Contact group that contact Commonplace

Survey membership for ideas about how to create a journal

By May we would have some kind of report to show regarding the journal idea

Lisa: have a conversation with editor at MIH

Run a poll through the website

Look to have an electronic business meeting

Larry Friedman entered conversation 3:15

Paul: introduced officers and explained how enthusiastic we are to have any conversation about collaboration

Larry: Conference on Public Intellectuals at Harvard, every April, 51 applicants from all over the world.

Public intellectuals not restricted to American

Thursday evening, followed by two day of sessions, one evening has keynote (Noam Chomsky this year).

Presentations seemed to be getting better every year

Tone is very collegial and supportive by design

Negotiating to host something in Lisbon at some point

What do we do next?

Paul and Lisa described the hopes and intentions of the society to be good for young scholars, diverse, cross-fields, technologically savvy

Larry: All intellectuals are not public intellectuals? How does the society see itself dealing with the idea of intellectuals public and otherwise.

Discussed the kinds of intellectuals who our group and Larry’s deal with.

We can send people to his conference

We can profile people there, do podcasts, post about the conference, and then do the same for the S-USIH conference

Larry also spoke about a workshop in Cape Code over the summer—Wellfleet.

Could we hold a common conference?

A common issue: public intellectuals and war; public intellectuals and the modern university

A journal issue for or an edited book

Between two conference committees to chat about how to leverage the Wellfleet seminar

Lisa: call it a retreat and make that another venue for us to produce good work

Larry: their center is Harvard with free space; Damon Freeman, John Luntz

Try to make the effort of getting a group together to spend time to meet with Lary Friedman and his group.

The Wellfleet idea is great opportunity for collaboration

Funding opportunities that we can investigate in the future.

Lets set a date, place and group together to meet with Larry and his group.

Ray will link the society to Larry’s society.

Paul suggested creating an ad hoc committee to meet with Larry’s group and thus will take care of the continuity issue.