S-USIH Minutes 10.30.2012

S-USIH meeting on conference 2012

Crisis over the continuation of the conference 10/31

Lora: Logistics separate from rescheduling conference

Paul: a good point to keep in mind

The immediate problem is whether CUNY will be open.  The rep there thinks it might be open and they do not want to reschedule

Lora: had a direct flight cancelled twice in LGA; Cuomo said that subways will not be open for next few days

Lisa: still too dangerous to drive to the city

Lora: sounds unwise to encourage people to come to a city that is trying to regroup after a disaster

Paul: unprecedented storm so it might not be able for typical NYC resillency to kick

Lora: Marty Burke who lives in PA cannot make it into the city

Michael Kazin wanted to take the train and then fly from NYC to another destination

Anybody south of 39th street south is without power

Lisa: 35th street is where she was staying and is probably without power.

Ray: David is the committee chair and he needs to make the decision

Paul: The exec comm. Needs to help him, of course, because he is on the committee

We could cancel the first day with the hope of having the conference the next day

Are people on transatlantic flights now?

By Friday CUNY would be open and whoever is there could have an event

Lisa: would any of be there to organize it and what about the refunds?

Cost of the conference is covered by those attending.  The cost is $10,000 and if it is a half conference

Lora: decide to proceed as planned or cancel entirely—we can’t curtail the conference because some will decide not to go

Lisa: CUNY has to know that people need to make their plans now

Allison (by email):  recommends cancelling the conference for all the reasons above and for the fact that travel in almost every way will be hindered

Lora: David is leaning toward canceling it

Lisa: Safety of participants is paramount, with all the travel problems, hoping things will get better in the next two days is also not responsible.  NYC has had a very difficult storm to recover from.

Paul: not a responsible thing to hold the conference—recommend to David that the ex comm. is not in favor of holding the conference

Lora: we will not drop the ball on this and will help arrange for something

Ray: fees for airfare, hotel, and other things are still refundable.

Lora: in a situation like this most of these fees are refundable

Paul: How can we help David make this decision? The consensus is that we should cancel it.

Lora: we are all on the same page but it is possible that David would strongly disagree but he should know that we can help

Lisa: David’s message can make clear that the ex com will help him to notify people and explaining this decision

Lora: we can all help.

Paul: make announcements through facebook, twitter, the blog, email

Will send email to David that the ex com unanimously decided to cancel or postpone the conference

Ray: what is the worst case scenario?

Paul: Those already in NY might feel quite burned by this decision

Lora: David Hollinger just wrote to say he would still fly in but really wondered if this was a conference that should be held.  Kucklick, Gaston, Jewett, Jen R-R have already decided not to go.  This is the kind of trend that has probably developed without us know the full scope.