S-USIH Minutes 10.8.2012


PRESENT: Lora Burnett, Allison Perlman, Ray Haberski, Paul Murphy, Lisa Szefel

Officer Reports:


Annual meeting agenda

What items should we include?

Elicit items from membership two weeks before the meeting

Working on the book award—committee is composed

One announcement on H-NET and sent to OAH and AHA and to publishers recommended by the committee members

Responses have come in from some writers

Working on panel that will sit on the American Society of Philosophy

Working committee on membership

Julian and David are working a bit on the grad student committee


Working on the budget and items but the dues and conference fees

Non-profit status—problem getting an official copy of the addendum from IN to send it to the IRS

Forwarded the checks and getting receipts on the paypal

Transferred $1500 from online memberships

~$800 from checks and online


Updating the website: book reviews and other content

Registration for conference on line and membership through the website

Looking into the migration plan

Need to make the front page into something before the migration—perhaps a place for the business meeting agenda, the book prize and announcing next year’s conference

Publication Committee

Newsletter is coming along with columns from most of the officers

Blog migration discussions are underway following some miscues from website designer

Archiving the posts is a major consideration as we make the transition

Found book review editor and Lora will take care of those reviews currently in pipeline

Annual meeting: encourage more people to become regular bloggers and guest contributors

Conference Committee:

CUNY contact would not confirm rooms or prices

Marty Burke intervened and asked the president of CUNY to in

Nov 1-3 a weekend F-Sat/SUN

Rooms reserved at UC Irvine

Paul Rubison and Andrew Hartman fill out the conference

Nixon library potentially a site for a reception

Announce the dates and location at out annual conference in NY

How many people in the conference?  37 panels ~150 people

Should bring in a bit more money than last year

Conference Agenda

What do we want to present at the business meeting?

Ray suggests a discussion on raising revenue and how to move forward with a journal

How do we respond to the changes in the academy in relation to funding, online education, etc?

Allison spoke to the policy of new media and more traditional issues of labor, tenure, and publications

Transition website to a new kind of platform for scholarship

What are we transitioning toward?

Lisa spoke about attending the Public Intellectuals Conference at Harvard. She will contact Lawrence Friedman about this conference and the potential of collaboration.

Can we create other opportunities to meet?

Paul will circulate the agenda to us before he posts it to the blog.