S-USIH Minutes 8.6.2012

  Minutes: S-USIH ExCom Meeting August 6, 2012

Agenda – S-USIH Executive Committee Meeting – August 6, 2012

President:  Paul Murphy

Treasurer:  Lisa Szefel

Secretary:  Ray Haberski

2013 Conference Chair:  Allison Perlman

Publications Chair:  Tim Lacy

Teleconference, 1:00 pm ES

1.  Officer’s reports

2.  2012 Conference Update (Allison)

3.  Book Award announcement – draft (attached)

Minutes: August 6, 2012

Minutes of last meeting approved

  1. President’s Report

Book award

Proposal for S-USIH to hold session at

Membership committee—discussion with James and Lauren

Grad student committee—Julian still going forward

  1. Treasurer’s report

Has reviewed Mike’s reports and the budget

Paypal account is the next thing to set up

Invoicing—templates for invoicing will be ready to go soon

Budget: conference chair has certain amount of money with the stipulation that the amount spent is returned to conference budget.

Tim question: books for reviewing sent from UDallas (Lora is book reviewer editor)

What is the procedure for requesting reimbursement for cost of forwarding books?

Cost of printing the newsletter?

Allison will find out from David regarding CUNY’s ability the absorb the cost of printing

Paul: Invoice policy

Lisa will send out invoice template; officers will either fill out the invoice or the vender will complete invoice.

  1. Secretary

Typo on membership button on website.

Questions about the blog and the website

Ben is the person charged with transition to wordpress

Updated expense for the website: $1000 for Curtis Billue to get website up and running to build mobile application

Logo problems and transitions, such as the transition to mobile devices: new logo on site will have to remain

Main content on website will be the blog

Link old blog to the new website

We will have only one site, a combine website and blog

Images at the top of website—what should they be?  Should they be dynamic and linked to the blog posts for the day

Default image is the Cleo award?

Rotating images from the conference, for example

Circulating images from blog posts

Links at top: adding button—“resources”—library becomes part of resource link

  1. Conference 2012 and 2013

New program is up and ready—Anna will send CUNY info soon.

Interesting discussion on stacking conference sessions

No post-conference at Brennan’s anymore—too expensive

2013 conference: which dates—proposed same dates and Fri and Sat schedule

UC Irvine is the site—benefits: rooms for both Friday and Saturday without problems and the possibility of another half or full day added on

Problems with getting people to and from site

Hotel not too far from conference so Allison will try to get a block deal for that hotel

Second challenge: food and drink—but Allison will also bring plenary to sites that people will enjoy visiting and have a reception (e.g. The Nixon Library)

Moving to the west coast will attract people from another region to participate and to give keynotes

Papers and panels for the next year because of new site, want to encourage participation

Entertaining the idea of expanding the days

  1. Publication chair

Conference call last week, scheduled meetings for coming year, feasibility study, dividing up tasks for the year

Dates for S-USIH notes—one out before conference, then February, then May

Tim will edit the newsletter

Ben has codified blog rules—creative license

Lora is doing book review editing and roundtables

Transition to wordpress—Ben takes lead

Question about journal: expense, timeline, form, publisher

Lora has friend (Michelle Rosen) who has worked in publishing

Entertaining options of how to publish and with whom and the expense

  1. Book Award Announcement

Lisa: Should we do annual award as a singular award or a “Choice”-like list of best books

Lora asked Paul about how to leverage the book award with publishers

Paul sent us a draft of the announcement; based on the Feb 6, 2012 excom meeting

Report had peculiarities in it that Paul wants to address:

Can authors submit their own books?

How many books can a single publisher submit?

Paul added that the books had to be in English.

Looked at other book award announcements and criteria

Lisa: award’s main point is to draw attention to the field and us and there is a great deal of work involved in the selection of the award

Draw on the books reviewed by the society’s reviewers

Paul: combo plan: list of top books and single out one book for the award

Lisa: need to promote books in the field throughout the year

Paul: no matter what we will need an evaluation of all these books

We need to respect the action taken by the last excom and award a prize to a single book

Allison: let’s do a blog post on the best books of the year.  would we want to award a prize to a book that we did not review?

Tim: awards committee should work with book review committee

Paul: details changed:

author can submit their own book publishers can submit as many books as they want to the book be published in English

Tim: have a vote by email after Paul’s revisions to award are complete

Paul will send out both Mike’s book committee report and book prize announcement

Lisa: we need to honor the former excom actions and then we should also be open to doing other things with book reviews and publicizing the books.

  1. SAAP reach-out

Large organization with a good number of awards

Feed back about offering a session at an annual conference

Orgs will ask us about this sort of thing in the future

Allison: very positive about this kind of offer and collaboration

Tim: also very positive of collaborating and creating more community with the field of philosophy

Lisa: positive because it creates more contacts for our field and perhaps will open the job market to our field

Paul: seconds Lisa’s impression of the positive development this collaboration can have

Consensus that this is something to pursue. Paul will follow up with contact at SAAP

Suggestions for next time: reports submitted prior to call

Next meeting: early October