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Tim’s Light Reading (1/6/2011)

Happy New Year! 1. The Most Influential Thinker In Europe Is…—According to a poll conducted by the journal Social Europe, “the thinker with the most influence on the European left-of-centre political agenda” is an American, Paul Krugman. A fellow USIHer, Andrew Hartman, will be pleased with #3. Here’s the top ten: 1. Paul Krugman2. Juergen Habermas3. Slavoj Zizek4. Anthony Giddens5. Daniel Cohn-Bendit6. Umberto Eco7. Zygmund Bauman, Poul Nyrup Rasmussen9. Oskar Lafontaine10. Ulrich Beck 2. A Scandalous Conversion in the Philosophy of Religion—A (former) philosopher of religion at the University of Houston, Keith Parsons, has given up his academic discipline. Parsons Read more