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Tim’s Light Reading (2-23-2012): Beck-Inspired Flaming, Documentaries, Instrumental Universities, The Market-Democracy Relationship, and New Works of Interest

[Updated: 8:40 am] 1 (of 6). “The Culture Wars are Real”: Beck’s Minions Attack John Fea You may or may not know that Glenn Beck has a “news” website called The Blaze. I didn’t—until Messiah College professor John Fea, author of Was America Founded as a Christian Nation?, recently relayed a story about being featured on the Beck site.The Blaze feature, authored by Billy Hallowell, brought attention to Fea for a line in a recent Patheos editorial wherein Fea opined that “Obama may be the most explicitly Christian president in American history.” Hallowell’s story has garnered 848 comments (as Read more