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The Plastic Nietzsche, Part VI: A Serial Review of Ratner-Rosenhagen’s American Nietzsche

Prior Entries: Part 1, Part II, Part III, Part IV, and Part V. —————————————————— Ratner-Rosenhagen’s unnumbered chapter, the “Interlude” is, in my view, pivotal to understanding American Nietzsche. Even as a standalone entry it deserves high praise. Although reviewers of American Nietzsche have noted the Interlude’s subject matter—Nietzsche’s common American readers—in their commentaries, the former mostly focus on the book’s recognizable intellectuals. None concentrate on the virtues of the Interlude itself. This is a shame. The chapter is most unusual, unique perhaps, in the historiography of intellectual history. How? It is rooted in—and made possible by—American fan letters from the Read more